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Since the early 1960’s Ian Grange was dealing cars in Stockport & Manchester and in 1971 formed Ian Grange Ltd. We’ve gone on to successfully sell an impressive list of classic and sports cars worldwide, based from Red Lion Autos, Handforth Hall, Gulfstream Motors in Florida and more recently Southern Cars in Manchester and Oldtimermanchester.

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2003 Porsche 911 (996) Carrera 4 Tiptronic Cabriolet
Colour: Black
Mileage: 143500
2004 Mercedes CL500 – Luxury and performance!
Colour: Black
Mileage: 112000
1933 Austin 7 – charming 4-speed example, includes transferable registration
Colour: Black

Car storage facilities now available

We are now able to offer storage in our dry, indoor, secure facility alongside our own treasured classics.

Our History

It’s 1976, and my first day on the job at Red Lion Autos in Cheadle.

Armed with my bucket, sponge and a fierce determination to end up a car dealer like my dad, I step out of the caravan, under the bunting and into the family business… I was 5.

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We love great classic cars here, and we are always looking for more cars and would love to discuss anything you may be interested in selling.